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The time on music-videos is not  the track length on the CD

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Take Me

Only want to be with your  loverer

Video 3:25




Rush Hour

The Rush hour is when the mind checks out...gone.

Video 3:29


Willy´s Wife


feature film: 68 min.























There are some who should never leave the house.

Video 2:53


My Home

Nobody thinks of the Native Indian, as if they don´t matter.

music video 2:47


My Horsie

Holidays are not always happy.

video  2:50


About worn relationships.

music video 4:33min


The dude is going to get some plugs, his dream come ture.

video 3:01min


This is a reminder, of the killings that have gone on since 1600.

visual reminder. 2:59min


she fel in love with a sex freak, and ended up as just a maid while women came and went.

music video 5:00 min


Aabout time politicians stopped the bullshit, and tell it like it is, weed is good for all.

music video 4:59 min


AThe woman goes to meet a man in the hills, but shit happens.

music video 7:11 min

W Sunshine

This music ad was done

for Sun Buddies.

1:31 minutes


Happy Valentines Dany.  But there´s a fine line between love and hate.

music video 4:32 min.


Women are tired of being told how to act and dress.

music video 5:36 min











You´ve heard somone say,"You don´t know me that well." Well that is what this is about.

music video 4:40 min.


Freedom is the only pleasure worth fighting for.

music video  4:17 min.


Shut Up  

For those strung out on drugs, believe in yourself and the Supreme Being

music video 4:33 min.


Same ol

This woman spends her waking moments, plotting against a lover, it´s about payback.

music video 7:42 min


A A tribute to Trayvon Martin and all the others gunned down and got no justice.

music video  4:54 min

Help Me!

A trip with a sick woman, looking for peace


music video  5:03 min


Getta Life

Ladies Night

Hippy Days

My Paper



All you souless vacant people, getta life.


music video 4:50 min  

A bunch of women gather to share memorable moments.

series video 3:50 min  

HThe hippy days were full of love and peace, perfume oils, candle lights.

music video  4:57 min

Without money aint too much going to happen. And is why so many are greedy.

music video  4:53 min.  

Realness is taken over by gimics and fake kisses with fake lips.

music video 4:24 min




Day Mix

Leave Me 


Nothings Changed

Sure are a lot of assholes out there.


music video 4:17 min  

The meat, hanging around them old necks causes  major stress for those who give a shit.

spoken word  4:08 min

HEvery one needs an uplift or two, and hope this is their day.

music video 4:07

Get out of my space.


music video 4:41

Have you ever spent  the whole days tripping


music video 4:12

EThe pitiful soul is still the same, a flake and drug addict.

music video 5:52

Them Legs

In Africa

Old Friends



the mafia

Spreading the legs


music video 5:01 min  

 cutty sark ad



Where are all my old friends? The ones I want to end with.

music video   4:04

This song is dedcated to the  paranoid, and those in denial. 

music video   4:05thos

Spoken word.

Arizona is not the enemy

music video  5:28

PG&E´s smart-meter is nothing but extortion, like the Italy´s mafia´s garbage collection.

spoken word  video  4:34


the truth

the Desert


a day too long

The Bank

Growing up in the ghetto, effects the way you look at life and the flakes in it.

   music video 4:58 min

She doesn´t need the lowlife sleezy type, somone she can´t stand. And a liar, too...

  music video 5:28 min

mCome and party in the desert with her and her camel. Where you can stay high as the sun.

music video 5:57

The woman has gone crazy.


music video 3:47

The man married a thin woman, but she pigged out, got permanent eyebrows and a lip job.

comedy 7:38 min

A true story,  in Germany. Kathleen, an American artist, singer, exposed Ctibank: no account  without a "9 to 5" .

 docuvideo 4:53 min

spiritual people



useless cause


dip-shitty do

The first Americans are always left out of any consideration. Forigners were polled, but not the Indians.

   music video 4:30 min

In the year 3003, I ain´t thinking about nobody but me. "Cause, ya can´t please everybody, so please yourself first."

   music video 4: 14 min

The sad woman asks her man, "Where do we go from here?" Seeing as he dissed her for a younger woman.

   music video 4: 30 min

She loves him,  sees butterflies every time he enters the room.  But he ain´t thinking about her. So since she has nothing to lose...                     

music video 4: 22 min

This is dedicated to Lorielle London who lives in Germany. She was a man and is now a pretty woman.  

music video 2: 41 min

  Home-girls fall out because one is chipping with the other´s man while grinning in her face, like all is cool.

music video 5:29 min

election fatigue

healing America

we American



    road to nowhere

Agnes is 72 and sick of everybody, especially the feminist, who are throwing their titty and pussy away.  And she´s sick of McCain.

Obama ad

No matter what State you come from, we are all American, and should not need a disaster to remind us.

People think they have forever to live, without giving repect.

Freddy drops some LSD just as his ugly fat woman comes in the club.

This is about wall street  and politics. The people do without, yet shoulder the cost.

5:00 min.

0:30 min.

music video 5:00 min.

  music video 5:08 min.

 comedy 5:00 min.

   music video 4:00 min.

The Interview

Creepin On the Sly

Doc´s Office

Gone Crazy


What Im about

On a job interview, she´s told it require that she monitor a group of misfits, one being Dick Cheney.

Ambros is having dinner with lisa Lisa, until she informs him that they´ll be eating monkey brain.


Ambors is at Lisa Lisa´s house for dinner, until she says they´ll be eating monkey-brain.

An American black woman, living in Germany, goes off on her man.

music video 4:22 min.

The war in Iraq, and the environment concerns everyone, that is in touch with reality.


If you can´t buy her the moon, she ain´t interested in wasting time with you.


8:26 min.

7:42 min.

2:23 min

music video 4:22 min.

music video 4:00 min.

music video 4:00 min.

On the Edge

Shoe Freak



Good Old Days

Got Laid

Her and homegirls been living on the edge, and wouldn´t have it any other way..

Two homegirls go shoppin´ at JC Pennys, while one tells of her doggy man.

Blacks, American-Indians and women have always been abused.

She picked up a dude in a bar and plans to ride him into the sunset.

Remember the hippy 60´s, barefoot and danicing in the park.

She can smell her man where ever he lays that piece of meat between his legs.

music video 4:01 min.

music video 4:36 min.

music video 5:40 ,min.

music video 4:43 min.

music video 3:06 min.

music video 4:10 min.

Like I Said

No Shame

Get Out

I´m Gone

I Want a Man


She has no more patience to wait for him to leave his wife.

She´s a prostitude with no shame.

Ex-Clinton´s maid is tired of phoney folks and got a big-time attitude.

She has had enough of is boodie-sniffin-ass, and is gone.

She wants this man, but it may be too late.

Wanna party all night into the wee wee hours? But just for one night.

music video 4:02 min.

music video 6:07 min.

music video 4:00 min.

music video 3:45 min.

music video 3:58 min.

music video 4:26 min.






My Day






She loves this man and hopes this day she´ll be with him.







music video 5:41 min.